WhatsApp on multiple phones

Using Whatsapp web,  we could view the Whatsapp messages on a Computer. It is just an extention of your mobile Whatsapp account and provides  access to all messages sent or received through mobile.

Now we provide a wrokaround to access  your WhatsApp account from a different mobile or Emulators or Android-based PCs. The second device needs to be online and need not have a valid Sim at all.

Install WhatsApp on the new device to where you want to extend your WhatsApp account. Open the WhatsApp account from the new device, enter your Phone number associated with your WhatsApp account. Let WhatsApp try to verify the number through a direct call and then through message. Use the verification code in the message received on the actual sim for setting up WhatsApp on the new device.

As a last verification option, use the Call me button the WhatsApp interface\ screen . . This would give a call to the actual Phone where the sim is active. Lift the call or arrange someone to do it, note down the number and use that in the new device for verification.
WhatsApp tries to verify your account intermittently based on its internal timers or probably using its internal verification algorithm. You might have to redo the verification.

This hack would be useful :

  • When you want to confgure a new phone with your existing remote account.
  • When you want to pre-configure a a new phone for your elders who may not be able to do.
  • When you forget your phone at  home and need your whatsapp account .
  • Simply whenever you need it  !!!!!