Re-configuring Custom Domain Details in Blogger

As we know we could host Blogspots on a custom name . But while configuring the Custom domain name in Blogger, there might be cases where you need the CNAMEs again to reconfigure:
  •  For example if you have deleted details or modified your Domain Account and need to reconfigure the Blog details
  • During configuration step, without saving the details in your Domain Account, if you clicked Save button, then every next visit to this section would just show the custom domain name and no CNAME details.
  • If you have changed the Custom domain name in Blogger Publish section and intend to revert back.

What has happened here is that your Blogger account is deeply convinced that you have configured the Publishing custom domain and you do not need those details any more. If you search in your Blogger account, for CNAME details or if you try to remove and reconfigure the domain name, you will still be not able to get to the CNAME configuration.To add to that conundrum, if you remove the the name and renter the same name, Blogger hits you with a bug on your face. It doesn't do anything when you click Save button and you can try to punch that nasty "Save" button any number of times, in vain. If you create a different blog within the the same Blogger account and try to redirect the blog with the Domain name, it redirects you to the same page, that it is convinced that you do not need those CNAME details again. 

I have documented few easy steps to get out of this Hell..

  1. Visit Webmasters site with the same Blogger account.
  2. Look-out for the website name which was already configured or saved in Publish section.
  3. Click the site name which was intended to be redirecting to the Blog.
  4. You will see DNS CNAME record and a details link.
  5.  Click the link to get the CNAME details.
  6. DNS configuration needs two CNAMEs. The one above is specific for your blog and the domain name. The second one is generic to all Blogs.
Name, label or HostDestination, Target or Points to

There you go. You have all the details you need.