Hosting Blogspot on a Custom Domain

If you wish to host your Blogspot on a Custom domain to give a more professional website touch or for your own reasons, you could do it with ease.

In simple steps :
  1. Register a Domain name (website name ) , 
  2. Configure your Blogger account to point to your website name.

Step 1 in Detail:
Domain Name registering is nothing but getting a name for your website (,  . When someone types this name, it gets resolved (through DNS) to a location where your website or  content is hosted. If you already have a blog, then you can use the registered name for your blog.  So head to Domain Name Registrars like GoDaddy or other popular places and get a name registered.

Step 2 in Details:
  • Visit your Blogger account and click Settings Menu.
  • Under Publishing section, click the link "+Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog".
  • Enter the website name registered with a Domain name registrar
  • Click on Save and wait here and do not panic on seeing an error message.
  • You need to use the information on this page to configure the Domain name to resolve to your blog. In simple terms, you would be configuring your blog details in your Domain name settings. Do not hit the Save button until the next steps are followed.
  • The page will have two sets of data (CNAMEs). You need to manually add the two CNAMEs or use DNS settings file link, which is simpler and has lesser steps.
  • On the domain name registrar's website, login with your account  which was used to register the domain name,
  • Visit Domains section in Domain Name Registration site, to configure the Blogger stuff.
    • Login to the website then click My Account link under your Login name,
    •  Under Domains sections, Click Manage link 
    •  Select the domain  (website name)
    • Click the  Manage DNS link
    • Under DNS Zone File section , click the More icon and choose Import Zone File.
  • Using DNS File saves some effort. If you do not want to use the DNS file or if your Domain registrar site does not support then use the manual approach.
  • Save the settings on your Domain Name Account.
  • Save the settings in your Blogger  Account and also Tick \Select the checkboc which says "Redirect to" If this is not checked then users musts include www while entering your site name, which would be real pain in the fingers.
  • Although the redirection  is configured it might take few minutes for it work. So take a break and then verify that the new website name is redirecting your users to your blog.
  • If you run intro troubles with your CNAMEs and need to reconfigure, there is no easy way to find the CNAME details from Blogger account.  Please refer this article to retrieve the details. 


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