Download region restricted apps from App Store.

There are some apps in the market which gets released only in a specific region and  cannot be downloaded in other parts of the world. A good example is Google kids. This app has been developed and made available by Google Inc only for U.S. region.

You can trick Apple to think that you are in a different region through a small hack. You would need an Apple ID created for that specific region. Every time you want download a region restricted app, you could use the specific Apple ID created for the region.

But it is as straightforward as it seems. Once you logout from your iTunes account and try to create a new account in your mobile or iPad and change location, the payment review page would ask you to submit a credit card or Paypal or Gift card account of that region.  You cannot use even an International Credit card . the card has to be issued in that country where your Apple ID is being created for. From example if you are in Australia and wanted to create an Apple ID to download U.S. region specific application, you cannot use a credit card issued in Australia. You need a credit card issued in U.S. Same goes with Paypal account. You would not get  "None" option in the payment review page. On the apple site they have mentioned that any location changes would disable the None option in payment review page.

The challenge over here is not to get a Credit card from that region or buy Gift card but get this None option enabled. 

Open iTunes from windows PC or Mac, change the location to the specific country before creating any Apple ID. Use "Redeem" link at the bottom right and when prompted to use existing Apple ID  or create new Apple ID. Choose the Create option. This way when you get to Payment review page, it would prompt for "None" option. 

If this trick does not work, login from a different devices and use the iTunes on that devices to create the new Apple ID through "Redeem" link.

Even if this doesn't work, start with a new mail , not used in previous attempts and create Apple ID through Redeem link.