Facebook to manage your relationships

We are in an era where everyone is competing with everyone else in portraying their personal lives on social media. People are not hesitating to share their life, online. Be it dining or new phone, new partner, new puppy , new bed , new camera, new belt, new nail polish, new friends and relationships too.

But what happens when someone has a breakup , if someone wants to dis-associate with their former partner or wants to avoid a person in real or in Facebook. Do they really have to unfriend or delete their Facebook accounts. Not exactly, Facebook is working on a tool which would help people manage how they interact with their ex. The tool gives certain options to the users when they change their relationship status to indicate that they are no longer in a relationship. The tool does not notify the former partner that this person has opted for these options. The tool has only been released in US region for mobiles ans in testing phase. Depending on the feedback they might release it worldwide.

As soon as a person changes his status, they get this tool prompted. They can opt to see less of their former partner's name and profile picture .They wont see former partner's posts in News Feed  and the former partner's name won't be suggested in messages or photos tags.

The tool also gives an option to limit the status updates, photos or videos that a former partner will see. The former partner will only see the posts they are tagged in, shared publicly or shared on mutual friends' Timelines.

The tool also gives an option to edit their past posts with a former partner and untag themselves from posts with that person.They can either keep all such posts as they are or edit individual posts one by one through the tool to untag or edit all such post to be visible only to the people tagged.