Friday, January 22, 2016

Mobile Apps for Scanning

There are free mobile apps which can be very useful and handy alternatives to using conventional scanners. We have reviewed the best of the mobile scanner apps, highlighting their features and limitations. We have used the following parameters for reviewing the Mobile Scanning Apps:

  • Quality : The scanned page should be of good quality. This is the highest priority for selection of any good scanner.
  • Multiple Pages : Does the App support scanning of multiple pages or side in one file. (Passport pages, Business card)
  • OCR (Optical Character recognition) : This feature is useful, so that the documents are scanned  as searchable texts rather than just as plain images. This feature  is useful while scanning business cards and can re-use the text\numbers in the scanned contact.
  • Edge Detection: The app should be able to easily recognize the edges of the document or any item being scanned, differentiating the background on which the item has been placed.
  • Perspective correction: The main disadvantage of using a mobile as scanner is that we cannot place the camera upright and in all cases there will be a slight tilt in the final  scan that is captured. The app should be able to correct the tilt and scan the final output as if it has been done upright.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Best Public Transit Apps

Have a look at the best Public Transit Apps available. Just a reminder that these apps have not been reviewed with general navigation or gps features as criteria, rather they have been tested and reviewed on how well they help in using Public Transit. Though there are numerous players in this segment, not all apps are simple to use and not user friendly. When we are on a ride in a Public Transport and without any indication of where we are and where to get down, these transit Apps do help in tracking the ride and letting us know about the destination.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

WhatsApp on multiple phones

Using Whatsapp web,  we could view the Whatsapp messages on a Computer. It is just an extention of your mobile Whatsapp account and provides  access to all messages sent or received through mobile.

Now we provide a wrokaround to access  your WhatsApp account from a different mobile or Emulators or Android-based PCs. The second device needs to be online and need not have a valid Sim at all.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Re-configuring Custom Domain Details in Blogger

As we know we could host Blogspots on a custom name . But while configuring the Custom domain name in Blogger, there might be cases where you need the CNAMEs again to reconfigure:
  •  For example if you have deleted details or modified your Domain Account and need to reconfigure the Blog details
  • During configuration step, without saving the details in your Domain Account, if you clicked Save button, then every next visit to this section would just show the custom domain name and no CNAME details.
  • If you have changed the Custom domain name in Blogger Publish section and intend to revert back.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Hosting Blogspot on a Custom Domain

If you wish to host your Blogspot on a Custom domain to give a more professional website touch or for your own reasons, you could do it with ease.

In simple steps :
  1. Register a Domain name (website name ) , 
  2. Configure your Blogger account to point to your website name.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Download region restricted apps from App Store.

There are some apps in the market which gets released only in a specific region and  cannot be downloaded in other parts of the world. A good example is Google kids. This app has been developed and made available by Google Inc only for U.S. region.

You can trick Apple to think that you are in a different region through a small hack. You would need an Apple ID created for that specific region. Every time you want download a region restricted app, you could use the specific Apple ID created for the region.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Facebook to manage your relationships

We are in an era where everyone is competing with everyone else in portraying their personal lives on social media. People are not hesitating to share their life, online. Be it dining or new phone, new partner, new puppy , new bed , new camera, new belt, new nail polish, new friends and relationships too.

But what happens when someone has a breakup , if someone wants to dis-associate with their former partner or wants to avoid a person in real or in Facebook. Do they really have to unfriend or delete their Facebook accounts. Not exactly, Facebook is working on a tool which would help people manage how they interact with their ex. The tool gives certain options to the users when they change their relationship status to indicate that they are no longer in a relationship. The tool does not notify the former partner that this person has opted for these options. The tool has only been released in US region for mobiles ans in testing phase. Depending on the feedback they might release it worldwide.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Using Mobiles and Tablets as speakers

Using Mobiles and Tablets as speakersHave you ever ever wished you could increase your mobile speaker volume so loud that you could lighten up the party\event mood. When you are out with your mobile or tablets and need the songs to be heard across your group, you have very limited options. External portable speakers is an option but does not offer significant difference when you are out. To add to that only one speaker can be connected to your mobile (unless you have wifi or NFC or Bluetooth splitter options).There is a cheaper option. In today's age, almost everyone carries mobile . There are some apps which which would make your friend's mobile or tablet as external speakers. You can play a song in one device and listen the song from multiple speakers.This creates a multi-speaker system. All you need is the same mobile app on all the devices.

We have complied a collection of mobile apps which can be used to play music on multiple mobiles as speakers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Minimum Age requirement issue during Apple ID creation

While creating Apple ID through iTunes , if  you encounter the error that you do not meet the minimum age requirement , it would be difficult to proceed further. Even  if you have accidentally entered  wrong year and if you wanted to correct it, iTunes would show the same error multiple time.